7 Easy Steps to Setup Blogger with Domain in Namecheap

So, you have bought a domain name in Namecheap and would like to set it up with blogger? Let's dig in!

Steps to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger 
Although this article refers to Namecheap, the process and steps are same for all domain sellers. 

Step 1:

First we need to figure out some details from blogger which we need to enter in NameCheap. For this, lets go to Blogger Settings and click on Custom Domain. 

Blogger Custom Domain Setting

Step 2:

Enter your domain name (www.pigenie.com) or sub domain name (blog.pigenie.com) and click Save. You will get an error which has the details on the two C-Records that needs to be entered in Namecheap. 

Finding the C-Names for your Blogger

You will not be able to save this till those details are entered in Namecheap, so lets get to that and then come back here. 😀

Step 3:

Go to Namecheap and click on the "Manage" button for your domain name.

Domain Manage Option in Namecheap

Step 4:

Go to AdvancedDNS and add the two C-Records that was prompted by blogger here. The host name for the ghs.google.com C-Name record will be www if its the main domain or it will be the sub-domain name. 

Adding C-Records for Blogger

Step 5:

Similarly add below four A-Records in the DNS to make it point to Blogger.


Adding A-Records for Blogger

Step 6:

Now wait for an hour for the DNS to get reflected. Now go to Blogger Settings, click on Custom Domain, specify your domain name and click Save. 

Saving the Custom Domain Name

Step 7:

Enable redirect non-www domain address to www domain address. Enable HTTPS and redirection of HTTP to HTTPS.

Enable HTTPS, Domain Redirect in Blogger

Hurray! All Done 😎

Facing any issues or have any questions? Just drop them in the comments and I will be glad to help.

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