Domain Name Sales Tracker and Free Appraisal Tools

Choosing a price for a domain name is hard and is more of an art than science and it is also about finding the right buyer. However there are few pointers using which we can arrive at a price:

  1. Brandability of the domain
  2. History of Domain Name Sales
  3. Expert Appraisal
  4. Automated Appraisal Tools which suggest prices based on sale history of similar domains.

Table of Contents

  1.  Domain Name Sales Trackers
  2. Free Appraisal Tools

Domain Name Sales Tracker


NameBio has more than a million domain name sales data which can be searched by specifying a keyword. For a keyword search, it provides the matching domain names, their sale price, the date of sale and the avenue where it was sold.


You can specify the number of records to show and export data to file. It also has a graph displaying price history over time.


DNJournal is the go to place for getting to know the top sales in domains - they have a weekly sales report and a top yearly sales.



Similar to NameBio, in DNPrices you can enter keywords and search for related domain name sales.

Free Appraisal Tools

Some of the free appraisal tools are listed below.

1. GoDaddy Domain Name Appraisal

GoDaddy estimates the price of each domain by looking at historical domain name sales data. When you provide your domain name, the tool lists similar domain names with their selling price, which is quite useful to come up with a price for your domain.

2. Estibot

You can also view past domain sale history data by inputting key words using Estibot Domain Sales History.

3. Free Valuator

Free Valuator provides the domain age and Alexa rank in addition to the appraised value. It also provides premium domain name appraisals and bulk domain appraisal services.

Other Appraisal Tools

  1. Domain Index Appraisal