The Secret of Attitude

I have heard the phrase - "Attitude is everything" but never fully understood it. How can attitude be everything? Sure, it does play a role but how can it be everything? I assumed its just a hyped up phrase to make people understand that attitude is important.

I have also heard the phrases - I have to, I want to and I get to. But what is the difference between I want to and I get to. Doesn't both signify the same?

Attitude Chain Reaction

I had my eureka! moment, thanks to Lt. General Robert Vanantwerp, fondly known as Leader of Leaders, through a Zoom meeting organized by U&I (a non-profit). 

Here is what General Van says about Attitude:

Your attitude determines your behavior.
Your behavior determines your influence.
Your influence determines the outcome.

Its a chain reaction starting from your attitude, making an impact in a lot of things.

Attitude Levels

Level 1: I have to do this.

I am doing this just because someone told me to.
I am not interested in this. But I don't have any other choice.

Level 2: I want to, but only for my own interest.

I am just doing this so that I get a promotion/bonus.

Level 3: I want to, but for both the parties to be mutually beneficial.

By doing this, the company's profit will increase and I will get bonus as well.

Level 4: Yay! I get to do this! It is a privilege for me to do this. 

The highest level. I am doing this because I am passionate about this and I enjoy every moment of this. If you see, the "I get to do it" attitude brings the best energy compared all others. It shows that you are excited and you consider your privilege for doing this. 
When you are high on energy, it gets exposed in your behavior. Energy is contagious and automatically gets rubbed on those around you, bringing out the best from everyone. 

There is a big difference in your attitude and body language between when you just say the words and when you actually mean every word of it. 

The Growth Mindset Attitude

When someone asks a volunteer from a crowd, you have two options:

  1. Play safe and staying within the comfort zone. Let others do it first.
  2. Putting yourself out there and trying it out.

 Persons in #2 usually have these characteristics:

  1. They don't worry if they fail in public. 
  2. They own up and laugh at their own mistakes
  3. They have growth mindset. They keep retrying and have a "can do" attitude. 
  4. They are cheerful and happy to be around with. They have good chemistry with everyone, making them a good team player and leader.

Do I have Fixed Mindset or Growth Mindset?

Its not either this or that. You are a combination of both of varying levels. It varies from situation to situation. The good news is, if you keep trying to improve your attitude and energy, you can make yourself to be more of growth mindset person with positive attitude. ✌

This smallest change that you make with your attitude has the power to make a big impact on your life! 😀

PS: There is book called "Secret" which is based on the belief of the law of attraction, which claims that thoughts can change a person's life. I believe this is more related to Attitude. If you truly believe in something, it would reflect in your attitude, which is what likely makes it a reality.

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