Free Screen Recorder Software with Audio for Windows

FlashBack Express is a Free Screen Recording Software which has ability to record your screen along with audio (both speaker and microphone). You can use this with any of your applications like Hangouts & Skype.

Please ensure to seek permission & inform the audience before recording.

Steps to Download and Install FlashBack Express

1. Go to FlashBack Express Software download page. Click on "Continue to Express"

2. Click on the Download link for FlashBack Express.

3. Run the installer and follow the onscreen instructions to install the FlashBack Express.

4. Please provide your email address to get the free registration key in your email.

Steps to Record the Screen

1. Open Flash Back Express.

2. Choose the Recording options (entire screen or a window, record sound or not, webcam) and click on Record.

3. This will start the recording.

4. To stop the recording, right click on the Flash Back Express icon in the notification area, and choose Stop  (or) by pressing Shift+Ctrl+S.

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