Firefox celebrates its 5th birthday :)

Today,November 9th 2009, marked the 5th birthday of Firefox.It has been 5 years,since Firefox 1.0 was launched on Nov 9th,2004.It has been a huge success - from 1 million downloads in the first 4 days of release, to 330 million users till now.Firefox revolutionized the internet with its customizable,community created add-ons.At present it has 7,000 add-ons which makes our browsing a lot more easier.

To mark its 5th birthday,Mozilla communities are hosting parties all over the world in a special campaign called "Light the world with Firefox".To join the fun,all you have to do is,be creative,and post a photo/video of it in Flickr with tag 'Firefox5'.For more info,go to Spread Firefox.

There is also a design contest going on,to celebrate this special occasion.Create a celebratory poster design that is about Firefox,and its 5th birthday,and the winning design will be highlighted on Creative Collective Home page and Mozilla blog.

Good luck!


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  2. Go Firefox! Happy belated birthday :)

    If Netscape Navigator is still here, then we can celebrate its..err..13th birthday or something?

  3. Yes,firefox has really changed the world of browsing.

  4. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  5. Firefox is number one browser at this time. I think it is because firefox friendly to use for the internet surfer

  6. WOW, time has really passed quickly... it seems like it was yesterday that we got a decent web browser lol

    Firefox rules!


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