Rapidshare Auto Download with Skipscreen

There are many instances when we need to download files from free file sharing networks like Rapidshare,DepositFiles and other file sharing networks.Most people don't use a premium account,and one of the main problems with free downloading is the waiting time.

Most of the times the time will be 1-2 minutes,and so we start browsing during that time,and we completely forget about the download.By the time we remember about the download,the download ticket would have expired.Sounds familiar?Now, we need to wait for another 2 minutes to download the file.

How cool will it be if all this process are all fully automated?It will be a great boon for all downloaders! And it is completely free.

This is actually a Firefox add-on that completely automates this process .i.e. the moment you click a download link it will take care of everything.It will automatically choose "Free User",and wait for the required time.When the waiting time gets over,it will automatically click the download button,and the download window will appear.

So,no need to wait cautiously for 2 minutes to download a file,and we can concentrate in our own work.No need to be always thinking about how much waiting time has been over.

Sometimes,Rapidshare users will get a message that the free slots is currently full,and that they need to wait for 2 minutes to try again.In such a case,SkipScreen will automatically wait for 2 minutes before trying again.

Using this completely free utility,no more pain of watching over the waiting time,as SkipScreen does all the clicking for you!

SkipScreen currently supports Rapidshare,Mediafire,DepositFiles,HotFiles,SendSpace,link bucks,link protector,Uploaded.to and other such sites.Currently,Megaupload is not available and it is being worked on.

Download SkipScreen Add-on for Firefox


  1. Nice information for another useful firefox add-ons

  2. Great, I don't have a premier account with rapidshare as I already have one with megaupload. Sometimes I do need to download from rapidshare too. I hate to wait and get frustrated easily over that "the free slots is currently full" over and over again. And this is a very exciting news for a download freak like me, ever. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for your useful post. I have been getting agitated with rapidshare used up free slots limit and wait all the time limit. With this I may still have to wait but at least it will be automated. Thanks again for your posts!


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