Make free calls from PC to Phone

I have heard many people ask if it is possible to make calls from PC to phone for free.In short,the answer is yes,it is possible.You don't even need to register in a site for that.

There is free directory service which offers 5 free minutes per call and you can call to anywhere around the world.After the 5 free minutes,the call be cut.You can use this service even multiple times per day.Although this free directory service is in US,the method I am telling you here will help you make free calls from anywhere around the world to anywhere around the world.

  • To utilize this free service you will need skype,which you can download for free here.
  • Add +18003733411 to your contacts.This is the toll free directory service.
  • Make a call to this number.Listen carefully to what it says.You will hear an ad(about the service etc) and will ask which one would you like.Tell "Free Calls".
  • Sometimes,you may hear an ad which would ask you to press "*" to activate a service.It is advised that you don't press anything,unless you know what you are activating.
  • After the ad,it will ask you to dial the number.
  • Now,dial the number along with the country code.
  • Enjoy the free 5 minute call!
This service is purely sponsored by the advertisements and you won't be charged anything.If the service is be busy,try again after a few minutes.If you have any doubts,feel free to ask in the comments.

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