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The next PR update hit two days back on April 2nd.Some of my friends have got better PRs this time,while some have maintained it.I got my PR 3 back,which I had lost during my shift to my own domain name last January.So,I can say the transition from 'dot blogspot' to 'dot com' was smooth and the time period was about 2 months.Some also complained that the number of back links was less than they had earlier.

For those who aren't aware,you can basically check your back links by google searching link:www.yoursite.com

The back links that are displayed above are not the exact and only back links that your website has.Not all back links are displayed,and only some of them are displayed and there is no need to panic.The reason some of the back links aren't displayed may also be due do their low PR juice contribution.

Also,the google search engine position doesn't depend on your 'static' PR alone.Google keeps updating your PR almost daily and stores it,but the updated PR is not shown in google toolbar/PR checking websites.Google uses a lot of other complex datas to determine your Google SERP(Search Engine Ranking Position).The important thing which will never change is 'Content is King'

Another useful website to check back links for your site is Check Back links.It displays both the back links from google and yahoo.Added to it,it also displays the PR,anchor text,and whether its 'do follow' or 'no follow',and its completely FREE.

So,what other blog/SEO tools you use?What is your PR after the update?


  1. My page rank is stuck on 1. No matter what i do it's going to remain same. May be I need to create more back links.

  2. Google's ranking system, will remain mystery for long time to come.

  3. i just check the site..
    and it's pretty neat...

    as for my site, i got a PR of 2
    with just few updates..
    dunnow how i get my PR... lol..

    im just concerned about the next update..
    ive heard that paid posts really hurt the PR badly..

  4. @Jeremae,

    Congrats on your PR :) Don't worry,I am confident that you can even improve your PR in the next update.
    And yea,paid posts would hurt your PR very much,and its not worth doing.

    Btw,you have got a nice pink template :)

  5. That tool is pretty usefull, thanks for sharing.

    You know those juices is really important for building your own PR, of course. But your line of 'Content is King' is something that everybody should have as their mindset whenever they start to blog.


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