My suggestions to Entrecard change

In the second part of my last post,I had told you the reasons why most people are resisting the change.There has been more than enough resistance to the change.Here are some reasons why the recent change is in fact a good news for your blog.

1.Private ads in EC Widget.
EC makes money and will buy your ECs back from you-Another good money making opportunity for bloggers.Most bloggers are for here for making money.For the others,consider running private ads as 'service charge' for entrecard.

2.Less clicks and less exposure
One of the important clicks received is by bloggers who drop by clicking the ad and continue dropping(A small percentage use this method,alternate to EC toolbar)A good tip to overcome this short coming is by adding the text"EC"(similar to the small buy/free/ badges)I am at present working on my EC widget to do this.

3.Banning of entrecard on
Sadly, this has has asked to remove the EC widget within 2 weeks.

4.The fee to reject ads has been dropped.No need to pay anything to reject paid ads.

5.'Above the fold' rule changed to 'One Page down rule'.

My Suggestion:

Entrecard is really a great site/tool for bloggers.The following are my sole personal suggestions.They do not represent Entrecard's action in anyway.My suggestion regarding this change of Entrecard is

1.Reducing the maximum limit of 50% impressions for paid ads to 20%

2.No paid ads in and blogs won't receive credits for the droppings they receive.However,the dropper will receive 1 EC per drop.

3.Users can opt out of the paid ads by becoming a 'Special Member' which can be like yearly subscriptions for a small amount.

4.No fee(ECs) for rejecting paid ads if proper reason is given for declining.

The above is just my *suggestion*,and does not represent the views of Entrecard.

As for the future posts,I am thinking of introducing useful websites/free softwares from the web.I must thank Liane of Better Blogging for Bloggers for the beautiful 'I Comment Back' images,which I would be updating soon in that post.

Feel free to air your views in comments.What do you think of the change in Entrecard?What is your suggestion?


  1. I have no idea that today is not supporting EC anymore. Well, only two things can happen: whether a blogger goes with EC or goes with the platform...

    Anyway, I am not really excited about it. O don't think the buy back is worth the sale but I will see what will happen. i am happing reading around people's ideas.

    I too do the return comment.. well, unless I paid for it... you know what I mean. :)

  2. Well I am still not sure what the paid ads are supposed to be doing since I don't see anything changing or moving at all with them after I have accepted them. I have asked for assistance from "Entrecard" and received none. I am still confused and slightly upset over this matter because I do not want to reject paid advertisers.
    It would be nice to know how the paid system works and have more detail and specific instructions or details. I am sad to say that I have already been seeing some bad reviews on other blogs about entrecard and I would hope that they are not running a scam. I am a very concerned blogger mom who loves the "Entrecard Social Network" to meet other bloggers but, the paid ads is beginning to worry me. It would be nice for some kinda of admin to respond to my concerns with a little assistance.
    Has any blogger gotten "paid" from entrecard for this new "paid ads" thing?

  3. @Mslovely101,
    The cash out is projected to be open from this Saturday.

    And as for your concern on paid ads,I think you can trust Entrecard paid ads as you trust Google ads.


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