Software Review: EASEUS Partition Master v 3.5

Application Name: EASEUS Partition Master

Type: Free for personal use

Editions: Home/Professional/Server/Unlimited

Home edition: Free
Professional: 31.96 $
Server: 149 $
Unlimited: 399.20 $ (Unlimited licenses)

Website: Partition tool

Version: 3.5 (Latest,as on 14.04.2009)

Home edition: 8.80 MB
Professional edition: 39.60 MB
Server edition: 39.60 MB


Home edition: Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32 bit only)
Professional edition: Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32 bit and 64 bit)

To find whether your computer is 32 bit or 64 bit,go to Run --> dxdiag

If the Operating System has 'x64',then its 64 bit.If nothing is mentioned,it is 32 bit.Another alternative way is by right clicking 'My Computer' and going to 'Properties'.

Description and Advantages:

This is a great software which is free for personal use and is one of the best partition tools.
  1. Create/delete/format partitions
  2. Resize/move partitions(without losing data*)
  3. Convert FAT to NTFS
  4. Check any partition for errors
  5. Label partitions
  6. Copy partitions/copy disk
  7. Explore partitions(only for FAT and NTFS)
  8. Change drive letter
  9. Works with hardware RAID
  10. Supported up to 1.5TB
  11. Preview before applying
  12. Hide/Unhide partitions
This software does everything neatly as it says.

*But,it is highly recommended to have a back up.


No big disadvantages.It's compatible only with Windows and be careful while partitioning systems which has two OS.Once you have deleted a partition,you can't undelete it,so use this feature with caution.

Screen shots:

In the first screen shot,I am trying to convert a FAT32 to NTFS.

The 'preview' of the above operation can be seen below.This operation is implemented only when I click 'Apply' on the bottom left corner.

Author's rating: 9/10

Download link:


The home edition is completely free for personal use without any other limitations.The professional edition supports 64 bit,and also has the ability to create bootable disks.A comparison of all the editions can be found here.

You can avail for a 20% discount using the coupon code CHEN-K0QO-SOFT

Overall,a recommended software.


  1. i prefer to choose partition magic to manage my disk, and i'm very satisfy with that.

  2. I have been using partition magic till now. I would give Easeus, a try.

  3. I've never heard of partition magic or easeus. Used Norton for years, then switched to a free AVG on the advice of a computer tech guy and have been very satisfied with it.

    I do remember the love virus one, it was in the news a lot.


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