Entrecard Market and EC Tips

Undeniably,Entrecard is one of the best ways to get traffic for your blog.It is even more reliable than paid advertising.Entrecard is a good creative method of advertising where you advertise your site with the help of a 125x125 image.

Here are some useful tips to get the best out of Entrecard:

  1. Always drop back to those who drop on you
  2. Make a good 125x125 image.You can get a free one at 125freecards.com,or you can get a custom one made for 150 ECs here.
  3. Do an advertising campaign and note the blogs which have brought you more clicks.
  4. Try to have the widget in the upper side bar.
  5. If you feel that your adverts are not clicked,then buy advertising per week or month in the market place.
  6. You can also get comments to your posts by giving ECs.
  7. You can sponsor ECs in contests,and your blog will gain popularity and many back links.
  8. There are many sites which give links to their top droppers per month.
  9. Have a recent posts or featured posts list near the Entrecard widget-People will notice more.
  10. The adspots near the Entrecard widget will sell like hot cakes!
Its recommended to use Mozilla Firefox,although they sometimes crash.Install Entrecard toolbar in your Firefox,it has a lot of useful features,and you can open 10 blogs at the same time.

Download Entrecard Toolbar

The Market is now Open !

You can now buy/sell products using Enrecard credits,anything ranging from advertising deals to books to anything and everything!Moreover,the listings are free.

The first 100 listings will receive 1000 ECs.Here are some you can list:

  1. Adspots per week/month
  2. Blog Reviews
  3. Blog Consultation
  4. Banner Design
  5. Blog Template Customization
  6. Blogroll Link and the list goes on.
So,have you listed/bought anything in the Entrecard Market?


  1. The Entrecard market place seems to be interesting karthik but there are only few listings so I'm waiting for more market listings so that one gets more choices to buy the best in a more affordable credits.

  2. Hi! I've received the email from Entrecard regarding the Market, but haven't digested what it does. lol

    good tips, by the way! ^^

  3. I glanced at the marketplace last night and saw nothing but potential. The possibilities make me giddy.

  4. I was not aware of such options.
    Wow...thats great information.
    Claps !!!

  5. Very good EC Tips. Enjoyed reading your blog will be back for a visit.

  6. I've not checked out the market thing yet, as I think it might be over my head. I try to do things slowly cause I just don't always get tech things right from the get go. If only it were yarn. lol

    I think I've done most of what you listed here, and I thank you for your the list. Though I have a puzzle. Could you pop over and look at my site. I've looked at my widget arrangement, you know where the banner stuff and side bar stuff is. What I see on my site, is not what I have chosen. Up until today it was right, my left and right are completely reversed? How can that be? I had my miles knitted on the left, my ED widget on the right, I had my comments and topics on the right. Could it be because of where they put the ads today?

    And, can you explain to me what a track back is, why it's good or bad. I've not been able to find something with that info.

    Many thanks. Wanting to get things in order before I leave town as much as possible anyway.


  7. i was one of the first HUNDRED EC members who posted an item in the market, did not get the 1000 EC until now. did I miss something?

  8. @Coolbuster,
    I think they may be checking the entries.I have also not got it yet,and I think it would be 100 ecs and not 1000 ecs,as in dashboard it says

    "And win 100 credits by creating a Market listing and linking to it in the comments of this blog post"

  9. Hey, I came here from Entrecard.

    Must say, you have taken lots of efforts to make this blog so clean and good looking.
    Well done..

  10. Hi!

    I would like to invite you to join a contest in my blog w/c will be on for just 1 week from today. Here it is:

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    Tell your relatives and friends about it. See yah!

  11. @Coolbuster,
    The 1000 ecs are being delivered right now,and I think you will get yours soon :)

  12. Thankyou ! Thankyou ! Thankyou !
    Nice information.

  13. i can proudly say that i am the top seller at entrecard market... and i have two listings that are most popular in the market....

    you can check my post to knwo more: http://www.niteshkothari.com/2009/02/entrecard-market-sell-and-buy-any-and.html


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