EditPad - A cool text editor

Application Name: EditPad Lite/Pro

Type:Free for non commercial use(Pro version also available)

Website: EditPad

Version: 6.4.3 (Latest,as on 16.2.2009)

Size: 3.1 MB

Compatible with:Windows NT4, 98, 2000, ME, XP and Vista

Description and Advantages:

This free software is one of my best favorites and the one which I use most frequently.This is intermediate between Notepad and MS Word,with all the most needed functions.EditPad Pro has more functions than Editpad Lite,but I am fully satisfied with EditPad Lite features,and is the best free text editor.
  1. It has tab facility like a browser.Easier to switch between different files while editing.
  2. Gets minimized to system tray when closed
  3. Doesn't use too many computer resources
  4. Better than notepad while working with HTML/XML codes as you can see in the snap shots below.
  5. Case sensitive find and replace option,including replace all option.
  6. When you type a link,it will change to blue,like a browser and you can visit the link by double clicking it in the document.
  7. You can reopen the last 16 files opened easily using File->Reopen
  8. The changed,unsaved files are shown in red.
  9. Auto spell check
  10. Can easily convert selected text to uppercase,lowercase,initial caps and invert case.

No disadvantages for this one.

Screen shots:

1.When a XML file is opened in NotePad:

2.When a XML file is opened in EditPad Lite:

Author's Rating: 10/10

Download Link(s):

Download EditPad Lite(Unlimited Free Use)

Download EditPad Pro (Pro demo)


  1. Downloaded the free version:) Fantastic text editor. Been using notepad and this supersedes that by a thousand miles. Thanks

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