How I got my domain name

When I first started blogging,I had practically nothing,with no professional blogger to guide me.Like most of the bloggers,I too started the blog to earn some pocket money.But,that was not so easy....It takes a lot of hard work to earn from a blog-you have to write a lot of unique contents,and you also have to take a lot of effort to promote your blog.

Luckily,I got to know about Mylot(Opens in new tab) where you are paid for your answers,which were just like yahoo answers,and the payout was also low and you are paid through paypal.It also had almost all categories like all types of sports,books,films,blogging,make money online and what ever you think of.The earnings were quite ok.I earned about 30-70 cents per day,although I had seen people earning 3-4 $ per day.Slowly,and steadily,with an extra bit of hard work,I qualified for the pay out,and received it in 8 days in my paypal account.That was the my first earnings-a paltry 10 $-which I had now used to buy my domain name :)

Earn from Mylot

I used namecheap to buy the domain names,as they accepted unverified paypal accounts.If you have a verified paypal account,I would suggest you to go with godaddy,as it has a lot of coupon codes,and you could get a domain name for just 7.49 $

In case if you are thinking of buying a domain name or not,I would suggest you to have a look at - why you need a domain name for your blog,and also gives some useful tips in choosing a domain name.

So,which registrar are you using?Which one do you think is the best?


  1. Yes, totally agree about the paltry money we get paid for blogging. But it's worth all the effort when you blog about what's most important to you. Thanks for the note about MyLot. I'll check that out :)

  2. Karthik thanks a lot for Mylot information nice rhyming isn't it :) I was also thinking of buying a domain from Godaddy only. But will they accept master or visa card? and how much time will it take to open a paypal account because I think it is very important to have a paypal account for money transactions from foreign countries. Is ok? that domain is available.

  3. Having your name as the domain name is perfect.I think godaddy does accept visa and master cards...And opening a paypal account just takes a minute.Its optional to give credit card and other infos.

  4. Hi! is your post coincidental? I am looking for a new domain name at this very moment. I am also a mylot member but is not active as for now. ^^

  5. I just wish that I name my blog something else, and not under my personal name :( It's sort of too late for that now though

  6. I agree - domains are CRUCIAL. All the ones I really want (the most efficient ones, the relevant ones, etc.) are all taken. Maaan.

    You would not belieeeeve what someone wanted for Signs of the!

  7. You would not believe what some people want for the most efficient domain names for Signs of the It's crazy.


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