Software Review : Advanced System Care v 3.1.1

Application Name: Advanced System Care

Type:Free Software(Pro version also available)

Version: 3.1.1 (Latest,as on 11.1.2009)

Size: 7.68 MB


Definitely one of the best of freewares found and undoubtedly the best of all registry and privacy cleaners.Unlike other registry cleaners,it also posses extra features like software uninstaller and many other useful features.Windows by default,has provisions for creating restore points,disk defragemtation etc,but are
not as efficient as Advanced System Care.

Some of its main functions/features include

1.Spyware Removal

2.Registry Fix

3.Privacy Sweep (Deleting list of recent documents and temporary files in browsers)

4.Junk Files Clean

5.System Optimization(for improved System Performance)

6.Security Defense(prevents spyware installation)

7.Disk Defragmentation

8.Security Analyser

9.Shortcut Fixer

10.Firefox Optimizer

11.Driver Backup

12.System Backup

13.Auto Shutdown(Scheduled shutdown of computer)

14.Restore points(You can create system restore points)

15.Software Uninstaller

16.Startup Manager(here,you can disable some applications which autostart.Warning:Be careful of what you disable)


It has both free and pro versions available.The good news is that all the above said features are available in the free version itself.You can use the free version as long as you want.The advantage of pro version is that you can automate and schedule tasks,and has the some extra features for deep cleaning of registries.

Saved me once from hell!

Quick Tip:Click on the ' Care ! ' icon for it to do all tasks one after another.It won't ask whether you want to clean after detecting the errors.


I can't think of any! But,I would like the 'Startup Manager' to be listed with Restore,Options and Support for easier navigation and they are much needed as majority of softwares are programmed to start at startup.

Screen shots:

Author's Rating: 10/10

Download Link:You can download it here.


  1. Thanks for the review of this freeware and the download. I'll check it out and pass it on your blog link to my friends :)

  2. Although I can not use it (Linux), I can not think of a Windows system without a program like this one. By reviewing programs like this, you are doing a big favor to all Windows users.

    I have rarely seen a Windows default utility do its job properly and efficiently and thanks to people like you I have run a lightning fast and secure system.

  3. I had just bought a new Dell dual core machine and installed Adv Sys Care and ran it. One thing bothered me though. For a new machine just out of the box the software said it found over 200 problems in the registry. Hmmm, I think not for a new machine, I suggest use with caution.

  4. I have gotten a few older computers. (for free mind you) so no complaints from me. one is an old emachine which is extremely out dated. and a newer Dell Demension C521. which is a whole lot better than the emachine. both have been my test subjects as i learn more about computers. i have no intentions on keepin either of them very long. although the dell is really nice. one had bad RAM and the Dell was riddled with virus's (thanks to my exwife and her love for limewire). but after getting both of them up and running ive been testing out different freeware to see what works best,so when i get my new computer (what ever that may be) ill know what works best for what. anyways to make a long story not as long as it probably would be. ive brokin it down to a final 4 that i use. ASC is one of them. i looked up all the settings to find out what exactly they did and if it was something i needed to worry about. so as to not mess anything up worse. its a great program and would highly recommend it to anyone. infact ive been workin on peoples computers lately. just the minor stuff. and i have an arsenal of programs that ill download onto their computers to help clean n tweak. and ASC is one of them. it doesn't do everything, but with the help of a few other programs, it works great in keeping my systems running niiiiiiice n smooth. definitely one of the best programs Ive used to date.


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