Software Review : Launchy v 2.1.2

Application Name:

Type:Free Software

Version: 2.1.2 (As on 1.1.2009)

Size: 3.87 MB


Launchy is a free,open source software,which aids users to open programs and applications quickly and easily and also,saves you in dangerous situations,like the one I had recently.

Extremely useful for people who have lots of softwares installed and their desktop is crowded with shortcut icons.

  1. Does not cloud or congest your desktop with short cut icons.
  2. Very small,yet very effective.
  3. Opens applications quickly.
  4. Can be called easily with "Alt+Spacebar" and can be dismissed by hitting "Alt+Spacebar" again.
  5. Can be used in both Windows XP and Linux
More tips can be found at the author's website,here.


  1. Can't think of any!

Screen shots:
Author's Rating: 10/10

Download Link:

You can download launchy from here.(For both Windows and Linux)


  1. Personally I really like this one for his extra features; I added my mp3s and playlists (which are radiostations on my comp) into the catalog.

  2. Yup, I've been using this utility for ages :)

  3. Oh this is interesting. I didn't know about this one. Any bugs or anything like that? I find that sometimes after I've installed new software onto my system, something always goes wrong.

  4. @Choopixie,

    There are no bugs,and it also has lot more functions like searching the web,built in calculator,weather forecast for your locality and lots more(Check the Readme file)

  5. It does have bugs. Not dramatic ones, but still. First, it displays several icons wrong, both in Xp and Vista (for instance, it fails to display the proper icon when typing a web address or doing a Google search. Second, it doesn't access the bookmarks in Firefox 3.x. It is also a bit less snappy than the previous version was, but that is not a big deal (in case anybody is wondering, I'm typing on a nearly state-of-the-art laptop, so it's not a resources issue). As I said, nothing dramatic, but bugs non the less.

    That said, I'd like to thank the developer or developers for creating such a useful piece of software and make it free to download and use. It has revolutionized my experience in front of the computer. Thank you guys!


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