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There is no such happiness equal to the joy one gets when his article is read by someone and is appreciated upon.


Images updated- 5/04/2009.Credits to Liane

There are various ways by which one can increase the traffic to one's site.There are many paid schemes,and a few good free ones too.The prominent free scheme is dropping ECs.Entrecard is definitely a dream site for any new site to get traffic.Then came the "U Drop,I Follow" moment according to which everyone drops their cards in all sites that have dropped and visited them. But alas,we humans soon forget the usefulness of entrecard and complain about entrecard at every chance we get.The most common complaint was/is entrecard has high bounce rate and people just visit the site and drop ECs and leave.

Many say that their sites receives high number of EC drops and only rarely someone comments.That would surely hurt anyone.So,for the benefit for all,I started this "U Comment,I Comment Back".That is, for every comment you post on some one's site,you would receive a comment on your site.

Here are a set of rules to prevent abuse of this:

  1. Comments like "Great post","Thanks for the tip","Thank you" etc doesn't count as comments.
  2. Comments should be meaningful and relevant.
  3. You should not post your site's link in the message
  4. Use Name/URL (preferable,not a must)
  5. No spam blogs are allowed.
  6. Excessive of "Paid to post" content sites are not allowed.
  7. Should be suitable for all audiences.
  8. Your site's content should be unique .i.e you should not have copied the content from another site(Plagiarism is not allowed).

If you guys feel any more rule to be added,you are very well welcome to say it in the comments,and I am looking forward to it.

By joining this moment you will also receive a back link from me(My blog is PR 3).I have also decided to give anchor text of your choice to increase your PR.To join in the list you have to add any one of the following badges to your blog,or you can even replace with your image.

Sites which have joined the "I Comment Back" movement are:(Updated-20/06/09)

  1. PC and Internet Tips
  2. Save our Planet
  3. Retro Yakking
  4. Ultimate Tech Source
  6. Better Blogging for Bloggers
  7. Traveling Suitcase
  8. Blogging Resources
  9. Your Site.Join Now!
Badge Code:

Some of the "I Comment Back" images:

Just replace the "" with any one of the following image links.

More "I Comment Back" images can be found here.


Although I have received a number of compliments for this,some are still reluctant to join.So,I have added the FAQ section to clear your doubts.


1.How to comment on content which are not known to me?

Everyone does not know everything!Most of the time,you will at least find an article where you can easily comment on.Just make a try,even that is a big thing for article posters.Trying to comment on content less known to you will improve your knowledge.Increasing your knowledge is not such a bad thing you know.

2.I assume, participating bloggers have to return all comments and not just comments to other members of "U Comment, I Comment"?

Yes,but still joining the movement would help you get more comments and also has some advantages like

1.An increase in the number of subscribers,as people would subscribe for e mail feed of yours, so that they don't need to check the blog again and again for new content for commenting.

2.You will receive more number of comments from diverse people,than a number of comments from a limited number of people(who have joined)

3.As already said,you get a link back in this post with anchor text of your choice.This will increase your search engine ranking and PR.

Want to ask a question?Ask in the comments,will be glad to answer it.

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  1. yes, I love these movement, as blogger when other people leave some comment on your blog it will increase our inner motivation to keep on writing because you are realize there are some reader even just a few reader in a month.

    when leave some comments its not must be always positive comments it's also must be from your opinion if you want to critics so just critics, for example, my blog there are so many people critics on my post but i don't care, critics make me batter blogger.. So what I say is thanks too all my readers.

  2. Yes, good initiative.keep it going.

  3. @insert209 and rajesh,

    Thanks for the support guys,they mean a lot to me.

  4. This is nice detail by you , your are writing from heart.
    Shakti Singh Dulawat

  5. I agree with insert209. It's always nice to hear from visitors to our blogs. It's both as an encouragement and a motivation to do a better job, write better, and make it an even more enjoyable experience.

  6. By the way, I've joined your "U comment, I comment back" movement :) I like the idea very much.

  7. By the way, when I click on the image "I Comment Back" an error message pops up that says something like this:

    Page not found
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Your PC Info does not exist.

  8. @choopixie,

    Sorry for that,the code is fixed now :)

    Your site has been added,and thanks for joining.

  9. Very cool. It works beautifully now.

  10. @Shakti Singh Dulawat,

    Thanks for the compliment and please refrain from posting site links in messages,and use Name/URL format for commenting.

  11. Sounds like a good plan. Wishing you much success as it will definitely be a lot better than the EC drop and run movement. I can't join though as I don't think I'll have the time to comment, especially if they are on blogs I have no idea what to comment about.

  12. That last one is my problem - don't always have something to say, even if the post was interesting or helpful. Also, some sites don't allow easy comments, you have to have a special account instead of just name and URL.
    Just dropping and running isn't always so bad, I've found sites I like that way; I just have to be careful not to lose them afterwards. I do try to comment back but I don't always. It's the right thing to do but, for example, I write about homeschooling my son mostly, that isn't relevant to everyone that stumbles on my site.

  13. @TLMinut,
    I agree it's not always easy to post comments.But,by reading such blogs,we come to know more in the category which we weren't aware of.Also,you have a lot of posts in a blog where you could comment.

    Even if you aren't well versed in that category,even a slight effort by you would mean a lot to the blog poster.

  14. I agree. I realized that when I slow down and take my time to read the blogs, I've learned some interesting info. And it's always great to see how other people write. I've seen some very creative ideas out there in the blogosphere. :)

  15. WOW! This is a brilliant idea. Actually I have been practising this but have not put a notice formally although i did at the bottom of each post... I am actually lagging behind on my commenting back but Ill get there.. Better late than never to my commenters...

    In fact, as you can notice, some of my commenters are the same from one post to another.. That is because we reciprocate the favors done to each other everytie... And the cycle continues.

  16. I try to make it a habit of leaving a comment on a least 10 blogs I frequent each day.I wish you well on getting your movement up,and running well.

  17. Sounds like a scheme I'd be interested to get involved in. It'd be nice to spend less time dropping and more time doing the real blogging.

    Discovered this in Stumbleupon and Sitehoppin, and will reddit momentarily.

  18. @Hindleyite,
    I am glad you liked the scheme.Yea,just simply dropping cards without reading not even a post will not benefit both the reader and the poster.

    Going to visit your blogs :)

  19. This is a nice idea - my theory is that most blogs fail because of lack of commentators - its so disheartening talking to the hand LOL To those of you who are worried about not knowing the subject, you can always thank them for introducing you to a new subject and ask some dumb beginner questions!

  20. Hi.
    Thanks for visitng my blog and inviting me to join this movement. I answered your comment there.
    Good Monday.

  21. Its a good idea too because it keeps people on your site longer which may well be more acceptable to google

  22. getting a comment is a good reward for any blogger and this will motivate us to carry on writing.
    you are great on this.

  23. "To those of you who are worried about not knowing the subject, you can always thank them for introducing you to a new subject and ask some dumb beginner questions!" (Lis Sowerbutts) It's so true. When I do ask dumb beginner questions, I give them the heads up that I have no clue about the topic matter. :)

  24. This is a wonderful idea. I always want to have this as i always return comments, although at times i am late in returning them because of some pressing matters at hand.... ill be reading this again when i have more time and will grab one of this images soon. ^^

  25. "U comment, I comment back" is a good idea, providing you make the effort to return a half decent comment.

    Unfortunately, I've had some really poor comments from bloggers who make a point of returning comments:

    "Thanks for visiting my blog"

    "Nice post!"

    "Just returning a comment"

    It's doesn't take much effort to comment on a picture!

  26. "There is no such happiness equal to the joy one gets when his article is read by someone and is appreciated upon." Fantastic quote.

    I am an EC member but not a dropoholic. The reason for this is because there are many websites that do not have any interesting content at all. I usually look at the first page and above the fold. If there is something "catchy" I will stay, otherwise, I'll just go (this is important).

    Your initiative has caught my attention and so kudos for you:) Good luck and all the best.

  27. i'm also part of this movement..but i some kinda slowing down for my adsense account was disabled and it sucks!..hehhe

  28. I'd love to do this! Hey Nitesh, I'd actually would love to design the I Comment Back buttons. Give me a day or two and I'll send you the buttons in email. I salute you for spearheading this one.

  29. @Liane,
    Thanks for joining the movement.Looking forward for your designs.

    And btw,my name is Karthik :)

  30. Oops. Sorry about that Karthik (I was speed commenting and the blogger's name jumbled up, sorry again).

    Anyway, as I promised, here is the link to the whole album of the button designs:

  31. I fixed the album, you can now view it Karthik.

  32. Tried to do this before, but due to my not being so techy had trouble. Got it today! Yea. I do take time often to leave comments and am always dissappointed when people don't. Left about 40 yesterday, and thus far I've had 5...not very good percentage, so yes. Please add me. Thanks for doing this. It's especially nice right given all the empty feelings so many of us have regarding EC, paid ads taking our spots, not being able to get into the forums etc.

    I left text part empty, I don't know what you mean by that. Can you explain and or suggest what would be appropiate when you talk about the link back text?

    Thanks and have a great day. Heading for more coffee

    oh, also wanted to say, I often do include my url in my comment, many people don't have their blogs set to accept other urls beyond like the generic blogspot/google etc. Since I have 3 blogs on that system, but only has the EC widget it always seems appropiate for me to do that?

  33. And yet, another question for you. Is this I comment back option only good for EC'ers? I wondered whether I could ad another blog to the list that's not EC connected? Originally my Today blog was my EC blog, but then you know how that rug got pulled out from under us. Since then I've not had much luck getting traffic there; plus my time has been limited (my mother spent 7 long trying wks at the hospital, and passed just last I'm behind). This might help. If thats an option would you let me know. I'll leave the url for that blog in the signature here for your approval-decision.
    Thanks for considering

  34. @Sandy,
    The link back text is useful for PR when you have a back link with a good related keyword.

    If the blog has the option of only google accounts for comments,you can leave your URL at the end of the comment.

    And this 'I Comment Back' is open for all.You can add any blog/site or even a blog.So,you can submit all your 3 blog URLs.

    I am sorry that your mother passed away,may her rest in peace.

  35. Hi I have recently joined this U comment and I comment back approach and think really pretty much good as well. Looking forward


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