The Crash and the escape !

Many of you might be knowing that computers at colleges and at private net centres are not maintained properly in terms of security(anti virus softwares are not updated periodically,etc),and it was no surprise that every time I use my pendrive at my college,it would get infected with at least a dozen viruses!

Already,some of my friends computers had to be formatted, due to the usage of the virus infected pen drives in their computers.So,I was extremely cautious,and never used the pen drive which I use in college,in my computer. But alas,due to urgency I had to use my pen drive in my computer a few days ago,and the worse,I forgot to scan it.For about 10 minutes, nothing happened or I couldn't have noticed as I was browsing.Then,when I closed the browser,my computer started behaving very oddly.Even trying to open 'My computer' failed and gave error messages.After a minute,it went from bad to worse.All that I saw was only my wallpaper.No desktop icons,no start menu,absolutely nothing else!

I tried using Ctrl+Alt+Del to call the task manager,but that too didn't work.I force shut downed my PC,and restarted it,and what I saw was the same wallpaper and nothing else.I was nearly drawn to the conclusion that I had to format my PC.

As my last hope,I tried Alt+Space bar as I had installed Launchy and thank God,it opened.
Successfully,the first hurdle has been crossed.Now,I opened 'Advanced System Care',as it has saved restore points and the restoration was successful and a narrow escape!

P.S:Both Launchy and 'Advanced System Care' are free and review on them and where to download them will be in the coming future posts.

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  1. You are right community computers are a source of viruses. Often as you say it is difficult to avoid transferring files to and from them. But I find emailing the best way (if the files are not too big). Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo usually kills the virus if any.

    This launchy thing sounds like a lifesaver. Is it meant for this only?


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