Make your blog mobile friendly

More and more people are connecting to the internet from mobile phones and so is the need for your blog to be mobile friendly increases.

There are various kinds of services which can make your blog more mobile friendly.Even though mobile traffic may contribute only small amount of traffic,the number of mobile internet surfers is steadily increasing,and so is its necessity.Here I am going to list some free services.

1.Reason to create a blog mobile homepage:

The present kind of layout is not suitable for mobiles and will take a lot of time to load the large size images.The navigation across the pages is also difficult.

Opera browser has created 'Operamini',which is mainly a mobile browser software.To promote the product,Opera allows users to see how a web page will look in the mobile browser.Any web page can be seen the way it looks in a mobile,using Operamini. A screen shot of how this blog will look in a mobile is,

blog view in mobile

As you can see,even the mobile version has large images which will increase the webpage loading time and will also make the navigation very much difficult in a mobile.

2.Creating blog mobile homepage:

I have found two good services which allows you to convert your blog to mobile version for free.

One is the highly cutomizable and monetizable,you can create your own home page for your blog with your own logo and with various font sizes and colours,with links to different posts.But,one hurdle which I am yet to cross is that,it doesn't leave spacing between two paragraphs and the entire post looks clustered due to that.

The second free service automatically converts your blog to mobile version and can also be monetized.It doesn't support any images.But,the mobile version looks clean and tidy.This blog in feedm8 will look like,and its mobile URL is

At the end of every post there will be a 'Share button',and you can e mail,twitter,or SMS the blog post.

Mobile version of blog
Mobilize your blog under 10 seconds:

1.Go to

2.Enter your URL there and press Enter.

3.Your mobile URL appears and you are done!

5.Provide SMS updates:(Powered by Google SMS Groups)

Unfortunately,this free service is at present only available in India.Providing short,crisp updates of your blog posts as SMS for your readers can be very useful.You can create your own SMS group for free from here.These SMS updates wil surely increase your blog's popularity.I have just now,created a SMS group for this blog to provide updates on my blog posts.You are welcome to subscribe :)

Subscribe to my SMS Updates

Before you use the SMS channels,you must first register your mobile with them.They will send you an activation code which you have to supply to google for it to register your mobile.


  1. This is a lot of good information. I have to come back when I have a little more time and read it and follow it step by step and make sure I do it right LOL Thanks for posting the information and the links. I hope it's not too hard to have my blog mobile friendly LOL

  2. I dont access web using mobile but you are right every blog should be mobile friendly. I have heard that if you go through the yahoo search page it converts every page into a mobile viewable page? Is that true?

    It is not clear from your article whether I need to create a new blog or my existing blog should somehow be made mobile friendly. But then coming to think of it perhaps it may not be possible for me to do anything with my blogspot blog since I dont have much access to its design anyway.

  3. @lvs,
    You can mobilize your blogger blog.The two services I have listed above will 'Automatically' convert your site to suit mobiles.

    In addition to that, gives you an added option for you to customize your home page(if you wish-its optional).

    Your site's mobile URL is :)

  4. Viewing through the small screen, typing with the small keypad are a tedious work.
    I have yet to surf using mobile.
    Anyhow, your information is very useful.
    Good work.

  5. oh boy, I still haven't yet have time to see if I want to make my blog mobile friendly.

  6. I might give it a try as it looks great.Always good to have mobile page on blog

  7. Hey, we also have created a tool for making your blog mobile. It's at (it's free). We are still improving as we go, so feel free to give us feedback!

  8. I'am convinced that blog is great for desktop or laptops not for mobile, usually a blog contains a lot of paragraphs and watching by a mobile is difficult and tedious.
    the keylogger guy

  9. I'm totally agree with Ramiro. I don't know, but if there is any mobile software to post it easily.

  10. thanx for this nice info.its nice blog.


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