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If you are using windows as your operating system and if your PC is much slower than it was before,here are a few tips to increase the speed of your system without the help of professionals.

Your computer might have been working at the speed of lightning when it was just out of the pack. However, after sometime you notice that it takes some time to open even the simplest of applications like the word processors. As time goes on you will even have time to have a coffee before your applications open. Have you ever thought that you could make your computer work like when it was new? If you do face such annoying problems a few simple maintenance strategies can make your PC perform at its best.

Space constrain is one of usual and unnoticed issues that slows down the working speed of your PC. Your operating system requires enough free space to perform efficiently. The easiest thing to do is use the disk clean up utility to clear unnecessary files present in various sections of your system, such as old downloaded program files, temporary internet files, recycle bin, temporary files, compressed old files and the like. This will certainly increase the speed to some extent.

You might have installed a number of programs with great expectations of either using it or learning it. However, you haven’t used it from the day you installed it. These can take up a significant amount of your system resources and slow down your PC’s speed. You can increase the speed of your PC by freeing the system resources used by the unnecessary and unused software. Uninstalling the programs that you seldom use will boost up the speed of your PC drastically.

One other reason for your computer to slow down is the disk fragmentation. This problem can be rectified using the disk defragmenter that comes along with the operating system. Defragmentation of your hard disks must be done on a regular basis. This too will enhance the speed of your PC.

The physical errors present on your hard disk commonly known as bad sectors too can be a reason for the slowdown of your PC’s speed. The check disk or the scan disk utility can rectify this problem by checking the surface of your hard disk and fixing any errors on it.

One other well-known problem is the spyware that not only slows down the speed of your PC but also can collect your personal data and pass it on to third parties. Use the Windows defender tool, which is free to download, to speed up your PC as well as protect your personal data.

Increasing the memory of your system will also increase the speed of your PC. If your computer is upgradeable try using RAM with a higher capacity. Increasing the virtual memory of your system too has a significant role in speeding up your system.

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  1. The inevitable slowdown of PCs can only be postponed by regular maintenance. Its especially important to run drive utilities since the HDD is the slowest link in the data chain. I depend on CCleaner and Diskeeper to keep my drives in shape and the PC fast and responsive. Defragging is much easier when its automated and it also prevents fragmentation from growing out of control.


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