Viruses,Spywares,Adwares,and Keyloggers

All these types of malwares infects your PC when you download something or sometimes when you even simply visit a website.The latter part occurs most probably because of not frequent update of your anti-virus.Its best recommended to run an update atleast once a week.

The main aim of the virus developers is to slow down your system.The developers develop viruses mostly as 'time pass'.Sometimes,it can even cause PC crashes.It takes a lot of memory usage and hence you will experience a sluggish PC performance.Applications tend to load very slow.Also,you will experience frequent hanging.

Most of the anti-viruses are good.So,just don't forget to run frequent updates.

The developers of spywares aim is to hijack your PC.It involves from stealing your credit card numbers to identity scams.It also involves tracking of your online activity and reporting it to a third party.Also,known to cause identity thefts.

Unfortunately,only some anti-viruses are good against all types of spywares.So,you most probably will need a separate anti-spyware.There are lots of freewares available,which I will tell about all their merits/demerits in the next post.

The developers of adwares usually bundle the adwares with other softwares,which you will be interested to download.The adware gets installed when you install the "useful" software.Then you will see ads in the desktop.Most probably it won't harm you,but it will slow down your system.

The last,but certainly not the least,its probably the worst.The keyloggers records all your keystrokes[that is,that all you type]and sends it to third party.The main aim is to get all your user name and passwords.User names and passwords got by this method is usually used for sinister activities like sending terror threats.

To know more about keyloggers,read about how to protect your passwords,here.

The next post will be about all the different anti spywares /anti keyloggers and their pros and cons.

If you have any doubts,feel free to ask :)


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