Internet and the Cloud

Cloud computing is the buzz word of today. This article is an attempt to elucidate the complex contemporary technology in the layman’s language. The internet which had a humble beginning has now expanded like the universe engulfing every home and office through out the world. The very success of the internet lies on the comfort it provides to its users.

There are various kinds of websites mushrooming everyday on the internet. Almost every website has something or the other to offer. For the past two decades software was available over the internet to download either for a price or free. A user will have to down load it and install the application before using it on their system. But now this have changed there are many web-based applications that could be used with out any software or hardware simply by using the standard web browser.

The apt example will be the online word processors, CRM applications, or even remote servers. Some of the famous companies involved in cloud computing include the Google, Zoho, Salesforce, and many more. In order to use the applications and software or hardware services provided by these services you will just need to pay as you go. This technology of cloud computing is a boon especially for entrepreneurs as it greatly reduces cost on initial investments and helps them to scale up their ventures with low investments and within no time.

As all of these applications, data, hardware are in remote locations and creates a hypothetical experience of working in the cloud, the technology has been named as cloud computing. You could very well pose the question is cloud computing only for industrialist and not for the lay man? In fact it was the common man that first tasted the fruits of this benevolent technology. Are you surprised? Yes if you have an account with the Gmail or hotmail then you are very much using the technology.

Would you believe if I tell you that even your money is in the cloud? Well here’s the explanation, if your company pays your salary through the bank then your employer is literally transferring the money to your account via clouds! The ATM, the credit card, all have created a cashless world, while you do not see the money you get or spend where do you think they are? In the clouds again!

This wonderful technology of cloud computing is gaining momentum day by day. One great advantage of this technology is that even a common man will be able to use the latest resources for a trivial sum. As of now only large scale companies can afford high-end applications and technology, whereas in the near future it will be accessible to all. You can use all of this technology with a standard web browser and an internet connection isn’t this amazing? This is the true power of cloud computing.

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  1. Oh I see what's the meaning of Cloud. Haha.. thanks


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