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All files are accompanied by their respective file extensions.By default,Windows would have set in Folder options to "Hide the file extensions of known file types".That's the reason why you don't see t
he file name extension accompanying the file name.That is also in a way for safety,there are chances that the file name extension may be deleted while you rename a file.

Some of the common file name extensions are .txt(for text document), .jpeg(for pictures) etc. All installable softwares end with .exe .There are several file formats for the same type...For example, .wmv, .rmvb, .flv , .mkv , .mp4 are all video files.But,not all video players can play all of them.

A Quick Tip:

To see all the different file formats,go Control Panel-->Folder Options and you will see the following window

In the above window,unmark "Hide extensions for known file types".Now,you will see all the formats of the file,for example a common text document which earlier read "Document",will now read "Document.txt".

Don't forget to click the box corresponding to "Hide extensions of known file types" in Folder Options as it would be easier for renaming if file formats does not accompany the file name.

I think most of you might have encountered this problem:

The above error happens when you don't have the required software which supports the file format,like for example not all users would have software that would help run video files of .flv extension.( The above error occurred when I deleted 't' of .txt file extension)

Or some times the file won't open even though you know that the file format is supported,like for instance,

Let us say for example,you don't know how to open .flv file,then search in There are the file formats are arranged in alphabetical order for easier navigation or you simply enter the file name in search box.When you enter the .flv file format page,you will see a link to the site where you can get the software to play the file(Here,it directs to adobe home page,from where you can download the Adobe flash player.


  1. Yeah... I use this tips since I have problems with my files. I usually open file .css file or .php with another program..

  2. Indeed. Now I know why some show the extension and some do not. Seeing the extension is a great help for me to be able to identify which program to use in opening the file. Just like the new dox file, it is not easily opened in regular word or os as it seems to be specifically designed for vista??? just correct me if i am wrong. ^^

  3. @Webbielady,
    You are referring to .doc, right?

    Yea,vista and XP has compatibility problems.Its not a secret that Vista is not a good OS.

  4. Alright so this is why files seem different when moved from computer to computer?

    I always find it difficult to adjust to a new computer because of all the little differences like this one. File names look so different with their extensions in place.


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