"Trust No Program" Policy

As the number of people who use internet increases,there is also an alarming increase in the number of malwares/spywares/trojan horses/viruses/keyloggers and the list goes on.

Even if you have a good anti virus software,you are not completely safe from all viruses and malwares.

The most effective way to be free from all these viruses is to follow the "Trust No Program"-Policy.

What is "Trust No Program" Policy?

As the name suggests,you are not trusting any program.There has been a tremendous increase in the number of softwares available online.But,you can't guarantee that all are completely safe.Some softwares can even compromise your privacy.Having said that anti-virus doesn't offer complete fool proof security,what's the solution for this?

Sandboxie offers you complete fool proof security.With the help of this,you can safely open ANY application infected with virus,say a picture to a web page.

How does it work?

This just creates a sort of temporary memory where it allows the application to run,and doesn't allow any change done to your system.Sandboxie copies Windows registry entries and does not allow any dangerous additions to registry.


Let's say you are opening Firefox with Sandboxie[Right click Firefox icon-->Run Sandboxed,yes,it gets automatically integrated]Say,you are going to a site and the site had successfully bypassed your internet security software,and downloaded a malware/virus.Sandboxie does not allow any program in it to run.

When you close your web browser,all contents in Sandboxie will be emptied,and the malware/virus gets automatically killed.

Credit to warwagon for this excellent animation.


1.You can browse any sites with peace of mind with out worrying about viruses/malwares.

2.You can test untrusted third party softwares.

3.You don't need to be in a dilemma whether to open a suspected infectious file or not.

Software Review Summary:

Rating : 5/5

Category :Must Have Category,Internet Security

License :Freeware for personal use

Download Sandboxie (From author's site)

Last,but not least,it's available for FREE.

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  1. That sounds helpful. But what really malware can do to damage you as a user and as a person? I know the usual virus, porns popping out, unsolicited ads, pc crashes... but what else? Indeed trust no one!


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