Getting Started with System Design

Learning how to design scalable systems is an essential trait to become a Software Architect. This article contains a collection of useful links for getting started and to learn more on System Design.

System Design Primer Github Repo

This is one of the most popular Github repo with over 143k stars, which is maintained by Donne Martin. It helps to learn on how to design large scale systems and help in System Design Interviews.

Github Link:

Initially browsing the big document might be intimidating but this contains good set of images which makes understanding things easier. Just take things one at a time. Apart from having the core content, it also walks you through the preparation.

Some of the topics this covers are

System Design Basics by Gaurav Sen

Gaurav Sen from InterviewReady has a Youtube Channel where he has a series of videos on System Design basics.

Youtube Link: System Design Series by Gaurav Sen

System Design Cheat Sheet by Vasanth

This is a Github gist article which specifies the steps to be followed by doing a System Design and the key concepts/terminologies that one might need to know.

Github Gist Link:

Know of any other useful resource on System Design? Please let us know in the comments :-)

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