Windows Batch File Cheat Sheet

Whatever commands that you are manually performing in windows console window, can be automated using batch file. A Windows batch file is just a text file saved with *.bat extension.

A batch file is not as powerful as a programming language like Python, but in some cases can get the job done. The major advantage of batch file is that, it can be run in any Windows PC without installing any additional programs and it is fairly known among all programmers regardless of their programming language of choice.

This article is my reference guide for syntax whenever I want to do something in batch file. 

Basics of Windows Batch File

This covers some of the core basics of batch file.

Loops and Structures in Windows Batch File

This covers creation of arrays and usage of loops in batch file.

Have you used batch file for any purpose? Have any useful tips/tricks related to batch file, let us know in the comments :-)

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