Sikuli Quick Start | Windows UI Automation Tool

When there are no direct APIs available for automating an item, Sikuli can help. It helps in automating the items that you see on your computer screen by using images & basic OCR.


  1. Supports 64-bit only
  2. Requires Valid Java Installation >8
  3. Real Screen Needed. Headless Systems are not supported
  4. Cannot use the system when the script is running

Download and Installation

  1. The latest stable version of Sikuli (*.jar file)  is available at 
    1. Download Sikuli Jar File
  2. The downloaded jar file can be placed in any user preferred directory which has admin permissions. 
  3. Double click the jar file. If it prompts an error saying Jython not found, download from below location and place it parallel to the Sikuli jar file. Then launch the Sikuli jar file.
    1. Download Jython Standalone Jar File
    2. More details here.
More details on Sikuli's Official Quick Start Page.

Sikuli User Guide Quick Links

  1. Examples
    1. Hello World Windows
      1. PS: Looks like Windows class name is changed which makes this not to run. But still this serves as a good example of how a Sikuli script looks like and shows the basic options available.
For more details, refer to Table of Contents of Sikuli's User Manual.

Reference Links

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