Creating Custom Step in TestStand | Predefined Action Step

 This wiki article provides the step by step tutorial on how to create a custom step in TestStand based on an existing step. This article has 3 sections:
  1. Creating New Type Palette File
  2. Creating a New Custom Step by Using an Existing Step
  3. Using Step Template
Lets go!

Creating New Type Palette File

1. Open TestStand and go to "Types" window by pressing Ctrl + T.
2. Right click next to "Type Palette" and choose "Customize Type Palette..." as shown in image below.
3. Click on Create and provide a name for your Type Palette File and close the windows.

Creating a New Custom Step by Using an Existing Step

1. Here lets create a Custom Step which is similar to NI's "Action" step. For this, go to "NI_Types.ini" and make a copy of the Action Step in the same NI_Types.ini. It is really important to first make this copy in the same TypePalette file which has the original step.

 2. Now, cut and paste the duplicated step into your TypePalette file as shown below.
 3. Rename it as you desire.
4. Right click the above item and go to Properties. Modify the below items.
a. Specify an icon
b. Specify the Default Step Name - the name that will be shown when the step is dropped in a new sequence.
c. Step Description
d. Enable the checkbox of "Designate an Adapter" and choose LabVIEW.

5. Click on "Default Module" to specify the VI you would like to use as the default module for this step. Choose the desired VI and its inputs. Click OK.
6. Go to Menu Tab and specify the name of the step's display name in the Insertion Palette in TestStand. This is the name of the step that will be shown to users.

7. All Done! You can now see your step getting listed in Insertion Palette and you can use it in your sequences.

Using Step Template

In case your only requirement is to automatically specify a VI for an Action step, a good option would be to use "Step Templates". Just drag and drop your configured Action Step to the "Step Templates" window as shown below.
Now, you can select and use the above Step Template in any of your sequence file, just like a custom step!

Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments.

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