(GOTD) domain expired? [Issue solved]

Update: This problem should now be over. In case, you still encounter the parking page, using a proxy to visit the site may help.

Today when I went to check my favorite website GOTD,I saw the following stating that the domain has expired.

 I certainly knew that there was just no way that the domain would have been left to expire. After a little bit of digging around,I saw an update about this issue on GOTD's official blog ( in the google search results. But,clicking on the link only led me to the above parking page.

The cached page of the GOTD's blog gave the reason.There was some problem with the auto-renew of GOTD domain.The domain has been successfully renewed now but, would take some time to access.

November 1, 2010
GOTD is expired?..

Hello everybody,

we are aware of the situation with Giveaway of the Day site and are sorry for the inconvenience. Our domain record domain was supposed to auto-renew but failed for some reasons that have yet to be investigated.

Let us assure you that domain has successfully been renewed, still the system needs time to get the site back to proper work.

For those users who still experience problems with access to GOTD, please stay on-line or try to reach us in several hours. We will finally be back! :)

Have a nice day!
GOTD project team

 That is another lesson well learnt for webmasters.Even if you use auto-renew,be sure to check the status of it few days before it expires.


  1. I go to GOTD every day. It's hard to believe that something like this could happen to such a large website. I guess that proves that nobody if perfect.

    Can't wait until they are back up and running.

  2. i hope everything will be OK...wish u all the best :)

  3. whoot!

    its still not working though


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