After a long absence....

It has been a year,since I wrote the post - Why do blogs die? Although,I would never leave this blog,those were the reasons for my temporary absence,along with my main work-studies.Sorry,I couldn't reply to many of your mails.

Oh my God,so much has been changed in the last 3 months.The first major thing I noticed was Entrcard changed their market,and they have allowed trading EC credits.This update was released along with few others,which you can read here - Several changes with Entrecard.

Another thing which want to tell is,many were pessimistic about the paypal offer which was my last post.I did get my money on my paypal account on January as they promised.

The next I am planning to do is,a bit of customizing my blog,and my new forum.If any of you have any topics which you want me to write,feel free to tell about it in the comments.

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  1. Sometime I use scheduled post to anticipate long delay posting because of offline activities.


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