What Firefox add-ons do you use?

Hi guys,its been a long time since I last posted here.My humble apologies.I will be making some slight changes to this website this week.If you have some suggestion,then please do tell us.My next post will be about Top ten must have add-ons for Firefox.

If you are using Mozilla,what add-ons are you using?

Many people recommend Mozilla Firefox because of its useful add-ons.
I think many of you know about Firefox add-ons(You can install/enable/disable/uninstall the add-ons by going to Tools -> Add-ons).These add-ons which are quite small in size,provide powerful functionality.Till date,about 170,948,725 add-ons are in use.These add ons are mostly created by the users and although many of the add-ons provide similar or same functionality,some add-ons are really helpful and makes our job lot easier.But,be careful when using very new add-ons as it may even compromise your system.

Share the Firefox add-ons which you are using that really impressed you.

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