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This is one of the best sites that I have come across via google ads.LogMeIn helps you to access multiple remote computers just by installing a free software.Using this you can access the remote computer's desktop and the files in the system.Once installed,this software will auto start once the remote computer is switched on.

It can be used to provide tutorials or help with the technical stuffs.As it is visual display,it is easier to explain and understand.You can also use it to access your home computer from office.There will be a small box at the right hand top corner displaying that the remote computer is remotely accessed.

My friend has been successfully using LogMeIn without any problems to connect and able to video chat with people,for whom even these simple steps can be quite tedious.Also,it is 100% free and Mac compatible.So,basically you can operate two computers which has internet connection.

Although the free edition has remote access,the pro edition has more benefits like
  • Hear music and to get alerts,
  • Share/Transfer files
  • Print files from remote computer via local printer.
Depending on the need of usage,there are different types of pro editions available.


  1. That is useful information and its free usage.
    Wow !!! I wish technology to be free for users always forever. That will take the world towards great developing height.
    Am I right ?

  2. @Hobo,
    yea,you are right.If all shareware developers develop 'lite' version for free usage,it will be mutually beneficial.

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  4. In the past I've tried Logmein but I didn't like it at all.. I prefer using NTRConnect.. Please see my post for more information:


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