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It's been a long time since I last posted.The reason for my absence is my nagging internet problem.For some weird reason I wasn't able to access and the blogs on blogger.I don't know the reason,but I think that my ISP could be blocking them.This has also happened in the past.Sometimes I would be able to access,but sometimes I can't.You can access via proxy,but that is not safe.

Blogger has the option of posting new posts to blogs via email which is extremely useful for me in this situation.

Posting new posts via email:

Go to Settings -> Email and mobile

Under posting options,you can enable email posting to blogger.The subject of the email will be the title of the post,and the entire message body will be the post contents.

An example format is

The main thing is that it is not necessary for you to be logged on would also be extremely useful if you have to update your blog and you do not have a reliable(spyware free,keylogger free) system.All you have to do is to create a fake email address,and send the new post to blogger via the above said email address.

You also have the option of
  1. Posting the new posts immediately.
  2. Saving them as drafts.
The 'Secret Word' should be kept extremely confidential.If a person knows your secret word,he would be able to publish anything to your blog.The secret word can also be changed by going to Settings -> Email and mobile.

You can create these type of email address for all the blogs hosted on you have more than one blog,you can create a unique,separate secret word for each.
Is your blog hosted on so,have you used this email posting before?


  1. WOW!! useful information karthik! I did'nt know this before.. this will be very useful for bloggers like us.. thanx for sharing!

  2. Nice Tips.,I will try it soon. Thanks

  3. where can i get email alerts for blogger


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