Why do blogs die?

I have seen a lot of dead blogs-blogs that are not updated for more than 6 months,and its highly unlikely that the blog will be updated ever again.As time moves on,even the blog owner forgets the URL of the dead blog.Most of the dead blogs I have seen are between 1-5 months active.

So,what made the blog owner to forget his blog?Here are some main reasons why blogs die.

  1. Over expectation - Most bloggers set themselves highly unrealistic goals,and when the results are not encouraging,they feel depressed and leave the blog.
  2. Monetizing the blog - Although its not bad to earn some pocket money from your blog,many turn to blogging expecting to earn lots of money.Come on,not every body can become John Chow!
  3. Over enthusiastic - Many new bloggers are over enthusiastic in the beginning and gradually lose interest in blogging.
  4. Over analyzing - Trying to analyze and know about all blogging tips and tricks,and some blogs die even before they are started.(I escaped from being an example to this narrowly :D )
  5. Topics to post - Some start a blog about something they know little,mainly due to the reason that it has a wider market and someone had done better in that.Obviously,they run out of topics,and finally they give up.
  6. Sudden Shocks - Many leave blogging due to the shocks they receive like deindexed by google,losing Page Rank,adsense account suspended and so on.
  7. Lack of time - Many start 3 or 4 blogs in a single go, and they find it difficult to update the blogs due to time constraint.
  8. No Readers - Some bloggers feel that no one is reading their posts and feel depressed when they see that their hard written post(s) have 0 comments.
Some good tips for blogging are

  1. Don't be elated when you get a higher page rank,and deflated when you have lesser page rank.Yes,page rank is imporant for blogs.Just don't give them over importance.
  2. Start a single blog initially and try to post consistently.
  3. Start a blog on a topic which you know about and that should also interest you.
  4. Do blogging as a hobby,and not as a chore.
  5. Don't start a blog with the sole aim of making money from it.
  6. As to the getting readers for your blog,join in social groups,actively participate in forums,and join Entrecard.Post replies as soon as possible to the questions asked by readers in the comments.Increase interactiveness.
I will try to update this list as and when I get new points.Finally to conclude,blogging can be very much enjoyable if you do it as a hobby,and not as a chore with over expectation. Blogging should be a pleasure,not a strain for you.

So,what else do you think causes the blog to die?What other tips would you like to give for effective blogging?Do you have a blog which you no longer attend?


  1. Continuity/Punctuality is the key towards success no matter what the subject is because most of the subject are already written but what matter is how you write it.

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  3. I agree with the PageRank issue.. Getting a high-rank is good, but it doesn't mean you cannot earn from some lower-rank pages like I did.

    To call it worse, some get a high-rank just to mock others (and forgetting what he/she supposed to do with it).

  4. Great tips, although I'm guilty of starting my site with the goal of monetizing. It's really what drives me to succeed. I love the topic I'm writing about as well, but the prospect of making money from doing what I like in these hard times is really inspiring to me!

  5. I guess its happen to me too, after that, I use my blog just to promote my site...

  6. i don't know whether i am classified as will-die blogger or endless blogger.... :)

  7. Great tips above.. Thank you for sharing them :)

    I am afraid that my blogs die so I always find time to do the work to build traffic and stuff..

  8. Hi Karthik, you are so right..I had two blogs..one recipe blog and another is the main one..after sometime only I realized that I could not frequently update my other blog..I was in a dilemma and after seeing ur post thought of importing my recipe blog to the main ones and delete the other blog and successfully done that also..gr8 post karthik..a must read for all bloggers out there..cheers :)

  9. There should be a way to remove dead blogs and release the web URL's claim by those dead blogs.
    Nowadays it's really difficult to find a matching web URL for a new blog.


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