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Even though blogger blogs are free,many people opt for wordpress because its more customizable and has more added functions in the form of plug ins.Recently,blogger introduced an option for displaying the embedded comment box below the posts i.e. the readers don't need to navigate to another page to post a comment.Wordpress also has options for having embedded contact forms,but there is no such direct options for blogger blogs.

Fortunately,there are a few free services which will let you have embedded contact forms for your blogger blogs.Here is a screen shot of the contact form I am using.

An excellent contact form that I am currently using and have not encountered any problems.Its very much easily customizable.You can have 3 forms for free in would strongly recommend you to use this contact form,and don't forget to change the notification settings so that you can receive an e mail when a form is filled and submitted.You can also make the form as a time sensitive one and entries will be accepted only at the given time.

This is also similar to wufoo,Email Me form also has captcha verification for auto detection and removal of spams.No need to link back,but link back to the site is appreciated.

Another tool for making personal contact forms.You can deactivate and activate the link any time you want.

I had earlier used zoho contact form creator,but,for some reason I didn't receive the entries posted to the contact form.So,its better to check the contact form with a random entry to know whether you are receiving email notifications or not.


  1. Thankyou for the information.
    I will definately check the comment box on blogspot and I wish more users will use the option because it is easy to use for blog readers.

  2. its nice must follow these instructions.nice work.


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