Prevent your password from being hacked

Password security has been always one of the top concerns to all internet users.Up teen number of methods are used by hackers to get your password.Right from cookie stealing java scripts to keyloggers.

Cookie Stealers:
To say in simplest terms,a cookie is something which every site with members login store in your browser temporarily to identify you.When you use an unknown java script,it steals your cookies and sends it to the hacker.The hacker then uses the cookie to log in to your account.
Note:Rumour has it that its easier to steal cookies from firefox when compared to Internet Explorer!So,browse in Firefox,and use Internet Explorer for member sites.

The next top threat is keyloggers.A keylogger is just like a spyware.It records all your computer's keyboard strokes.There are keyloggers both as hardwares and softwares.So,be careful when dealing with online bank accounts from internet cafes.For example you go to and login with your username/password,it would store them as

mostly as a text file and sends it to the hacker,and it won't be too difficult to get your username/password from there.
Note:Now a days,there are new advanced keyloggers which even takes timely screen shots of the computer screen and sends it to the hacker.

What do hackers do with my e mail account?
They do all various degress of fradulent activity with your e mail account,right from spamming to sending threat e mails.Now a days, terrorists only use these kind of e mail addresses to send threat e mails.Even knowing that,the detective squad's first step is to trace the e mail address,and that would only lead to you! I have seen several news articles where people have been arrested with out bail for even more than one month for no fault of theirs!Hackers also use your e mail accounts for spamming.

Now,knowing the importance of protection of passwords,lets see some tips to best protect your username/password.

1)Never run any java scripts until you are 100% sure of what it does.

2)Make sure that you install softwares/firefox addons from only trusted authors/publishers.

3)For every crack/illegal download you are making your self more vulnerable to one of the worst hells of internet.

Try other freeware alternatives.If you are looking for any kind of software,just post a comment in any of the posts,I would reply back with the best freeware alternative :)

4)Don't run ANY javascripts especially in sites like orkut,even if your friend sends it.Beware,it may be a automated reply to you from his account,and may be even his account could have been hacked.

5)Always update your anti virus and anti spyware atleast twice a week.(will soon post the top 3 free anti spywares available for free online)

6)Run a complete scan of your system atleast once or twice a month,depending on your online activity.

7)Don't type your username/password continuously.Type "us" of username,then "ord" of password etc.Develop your own style of jumbling the username/password.

8)Use atleast one special characters like !@#$%^&*()}{?>< style="font-weight: bold;">Last but not the least,when dealing with paypal and other bank accounts use "Virtaul keyboard"-an inbuilt feature of windows.You can access your "Virtual keyboard" by

Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->Accessibility--> On screen keyboard

To know more things which you probably donot known about your PC,click here.

Thats all for now.If you want to add any more tips/suggestions,kindly post a comment.I hope this would be helpful to you.


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