No more selling of entrecard credits?

In an astonishing move,,has included some new rules according to which,from now on its against rules to sell entrecard credits.

Every one who has joined have received an e mail that entrecard credit sales in eBay/forums has been banned.

For those who do not know about it,entrecard credits were/are sold in sites like eBay in bulk of around more than 10,000 credits which costed less than those offered at you have to buy from you have to pay 10$ for 1000 Entrecard credits.
But,in sites like eBay they were offered for even 4 $.If you just google search it,you will come to know about this little market which thrived very well until now.There were/are several sites which were created for the sole purpose of buying/selling entrecard credits.

For those who have not know about it, was for sale at But,due to requests from many people,the owner agreed not to sell it and to continue running it.

The reason he decided to sell was that he couldn't find sponsors to take to next level,who said he was not capable and a big deal was dropped in the eleventh hour.So,I think the owner has decided to make some changes to make the site more better.

Following are some of the changes that has made to their site.

1.Now 1000 Entrecard credits are available for 6$[it was offered earlier at 10$]

2.Buying/selling of entrecard credits in eBay/forums are prohibited.

3.Credit transfer limit:14 times/week and no greater than 1000 Entrecard credits.

4.No more coupons and shop is temporarily closed.

5.However,you can however give away entrecard credits for free while holding contests.

6.It also says that all current listings should be removed immediately.

These changes comes as a rude shock for many as some sites make a part of their online income in selling entrecard credits.Although this site is about PC and Net Tips,I can't stop myself from posting about this latest development.

Official Announcement here

So,what's your opinion about this?Do you feel that what has done is right?Or do you think they could have more gradually impemented these rules by giving this little market some more time?

My Opinion:
I agree that these steps are for the benefit of,and although I am not in entrecard credit selling business,I think they could have given a grace period of one or two weeks to complete the already half completed transactions.

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