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I could have started a blog within half an hour,but,I wanted this site to be unique.So,it did took a great deal of time to finalize the template.

I came across various templates that impressed me,but,one thing or other made me to hesitate.I also had to leave some templates because I had seen them in friend's site or some where else.

At last,I found this template and was happy with its look,though it also had some problems.As I was/am completely new to HTML,and photo editing,the header logo took an unbelievable 2 and a 1/2 hours!

I first had to change the HTML to change header text to header image(This template didn't have header as a customizable widget)

Then I had to positionise the header image.Believe it or not,I had to preview this for more than 25 times,before getting the correct position.

The next problem however ended in 15 minutes.Thank God!The problem was that "Me" of "Contact Me" came below the line.

So,do you like this template?Or do you thing I could have modified it better?

And could you please suggest which font and size to use,and how to make it default?I am a bit confused about that.Constructive criticisms are always appreciated :)

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