Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why have I lost my blog followers?

Today,I had lost a few blog followers,and I was not the only one.Almost all my blog friends have lost quite a few followers.There is no reason to panic,and in fact,you have not lost your blog followers.They are just invisible,and are still following you.This would be mostly experienced by those using both blogger and Friend connect,as google is in the process of integrating them.

According to Known Issues of Blogger Team,

This is because we have set these users to "anonymous" to avoid linking the profiles of Blogger and Friend Connect users without their permission. They are still following privately and will able to make themselves public again.

I have also removed the word verification for comments.Thanks to my friend Nitesh Kothari who quickly informed me about the word verification problem in my blog(For newbies-blog authors don't get word verification while posting comments in their blog).Most likely,I won't enable the word verification again.So,if you are on blogger,disable word verification for time being as its experiencing issues.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Google adsense account approved

This blog was at last accepted for google adsense.I couldn't get this blog approved previously because this blog wasn't 6 months old,the minimum age for a site to be qualified for adsense.Adsense has a limit of maximum of 3 ad spots per page,and that is confusing me.A total of 5 posts will be shown on the home page,and if I insert an ad in each post,that would become 5 ad spots,two over the limit.

I could try placing it between the posts,but I don't think ads will then be shown on individual pages.So,what's your strategy for placing the google ads?

The 125x125 monthly advertising will still be in place.The present ones are going to get over soon,and if you are interested you can book an ad spot(above the fold) for 1800 ecs per month.

Besides adsense,what other ads you run on your blog?

Monday, February 16, 2009

EditPad - A cool text editor

Application Name: EditPad Lite/Pro

Type:Free for non commercial use(Pro version also available)

Website: EditPad

Version: 6.4.3 (Latest,as on 16.2.2009)

Size: 3.1 MB

Compatible with:Windows NT4, 98, 2000, ME, XP and Vista

Description and Advantages:

This free software is one of my best favorites and the one which I use most frequently.This is intermediate between Notepad and MS Word,with all the most needed functions.EditPad Pro has more functions than Editpad Lite,but I am fully satisfied with EditPad Lite features,and is the best free text editor.
  1. It has tab facility like a browser.Easier to switch between different files while editing.
  2. Gets minimized to system tray when closed
  3. Doesn't use too many computer resources
  4. Better than notepad while working with HTML/XML codes as you can see in the snap shots below.
  5. Case sensitive find and replace option,including replace all option.
  6. When you type a link,it will change to blue,like a browser and you can visit the link by double clicking it in the document.
  7. You can reopen the last 16 files opened easily using File->Reopen
  8. The changed,unsaved files are shown in red.
  9. Auto spell check
  10. Can easily convert selected text to uppercase,lowercase,initial caps and invert case.

No disadvantages for this one.

Screen shots:

1.When a XML file is opened in NotePad:

2.When a XML file is opened in EditPad Lite:

Author's Rating: 10/10

Download Link(s):

Download EditPad Lite(Unlimited Free Use)

Download EditPad Pro (Pro demo)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Entrecard Market and EC Tips

Undeniably,Entrecard is one of the best ways to get traffic for your blog.It is even more reliable than paid advertising.Entrecard is a good creative method of advertising where you advertise your site with the help of a 125x125 image.

Here are some useful tips to get the best out of Entrecard:

  1. Always drop back to those who drop on you
  2. Make a good 125x125 image.You can get a free one at 125freecards.com,or you can get a custom one made for 150 ECs here.
  3. Do an advertising campaign and note the blogs which have brought you more clicks.
  4. Try to have the widget in the upper side bar.
  5. If you feel that your adverts are not clicked,then buy advertising per week or month in the market place.
  6. You can also get comments to your posts by giving ECs.
  7. You can sponsor ECs in contests,and your blog will gain popularity and many back links.
  8. There are many sites which give links to their top droppers per month.
  9. Have a recent posts or featured posts list near the Entrecard widget-People will notice more.
  10. The adspots near the Entrecard widget will sell like hot cakes!
Its recommended to use Mozilla Firefox,although they sometimes crash.Install Entrecard toolbar in your Firefox,it has a lot of useful features,and you can open 10 blogs at the same time.

Download Entrecard Toolbar

The Market is now Open !

You can now buy/sell products using Enrecard credits,anything ranging from advertising deals to books to anything and everything!Moreover,the listings are free.

The first 100 listings will receive 1000 ECs.Here are some you can list:

  1. Adspots per week/month
  2. Blog Reviews
  3. Blog Consultation
  4. Banner Design
  5. Blog Template Customization
  6. Blogroll Link and the list goes on.
So,have you listed/bought anything in the Entrecard Market?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How I got my domain name

When I first started blogging,I had practically nothing,with no professional blogger to guide me.Like most of the bloggers,I too started the blog to earn some pocket money.But,that was not so easy....It takes a lot of hard work to earn from a blog-you have to write a lot of unique contents,and you also have to take a lot of effort to promote your blog.

Luckily,I got to know about Mylot(Opens in new tab) where you are paid for your answers,which were just like yahoo answers,and the payout was also low and you are paid through paypal.It also had almost all categories like all types of sports,books,films,blogging,make money online and what ever you think of.The earnings were quite ok.I earned about 30-70 cents per day,although I had seen people earning 3-4 $ per day.Slowly,and steadily,with an extra bit of hard work,I qualified for the pay out,and received it in 8 days in my paypal account.That was the my first earnings-a paltry 10 $-which I had now used to buy my domain name :)

Earn from Mylot

I used namecheap to buy the domain names,as they accepted unverified paypal accounts.If you have a verified paypal account,I would suggest you to go with godaddy,as it has a lot of coupon codes,and you could get a domain name for just 7.49 $

In case if you are thinking of buying a domain name or not,I would suggest you to have a look at - why you need a domain name for your blog,and also gives some useful tips in choosing a domain name.

So,which registrar are you using?Which one do you think is the best?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tips in choosing a domain name

Advantages of having a custom domain name:

I had just now bought the domain name ComputerandNet.com,and I am pretty much happy with it.If you are using blogger ( .blogspot.com),I would strongly recommend you to buy a custom domain name now,as almost all 4 letter domain names are taken,all 5,6 letter word domain names are also almost over.

Some advantages of custom domains are
  1. You get to keep all link backs you have got.
  2. No hosting charges-You can still host your blog at blogger.com
  3. Extremely cheap-You can get a domain name for under 10 $ /month.
  4. More Professional look-It shows that you are very much serious about blogging.
  5. You can earn more and is more easier sell off your banner ad spaces for 5$ per month
  6. You can sell the site along with the domain name if you wish.
  7. Stands out of all those dot blogspot.com's.You may have seen a number of very good blogs with dot blogspot.com.How much of those can you remember now?
  8. User friendly,easier than to type .blogspot.com
Which extension to choose?

A dot com,without a doubt,or else you will regret later.If you don't buy a dot com domain name now,then you would have to go with a pretty ordinary domain name in other extensions like .net, .co.uk, .info which accounts for a large amount of traffic leakage.

Traffic Leakage:

One of the most famous blog of all times-Darren Rowse's Problogger.net made a large amount of traffic leakage(3,000+/month) to Problogger.com,and Darren had to buy the domain name Problogger.com for a whopping 4000+$,all because of "ProBlogger" word that he had built for 2 years.I have to admit that when I first heard about Problogger,I too typed Problogger.com instead of dot net.Banking on the "Problogger" popularity,Problog.com is on auction at around 800 $(that's the latest offer,and it has not yet met the reserve limit).

If you own a dot net,you would end up losing 30%-45% of traffic to dot com.

Dot net is also very much popular,but its not a match for more professional and common-dot com.So,I would definitely suggest you to go for a dot com,even if the domain name is a bit lengthy.

Numbers and typing errors in domain names?

A strict 'no' to spelling mistakes,if you are serious about your blog.It also depends on the length and attractiveness of the domain name.I am not that much in favor of numbers in domain names.But,some times,the domain names with numbers are catchy.If a very good domain name of your choice is already registered,try adding a relevant number to it.

For example,let us consider that you are having a blog about Environmental awareness,and a good domain name for it would be SavetheEarth.com.But,you can't even hope that to be available now, as at least a hundred of the thousands of sites on environmental awareness would have thought of that name.You need to think outside the box, and try to be inventive as well as witty.Hmm...so,how about, 911SavetheEarth.com,as if calling 911 to save the earth?That name would really put a smile on the visitor's face.

That's what I could come up with 2 minutes of thinking,and I am sure you can do better than that for your passionate blogs.

Hyphens in domain names?

Hyphens in domain names are not that much user friendly,but,it id definitely SEO friendly.Try not to have more than one hyphen in the domain name.

Free Domain Names:

If you don't wish to pay money,you can get 'blogname.co.cc' for free in a minute.But,still I would prefer a dot com domain name,and 'blogname.co.cc' isn't actually a domain,and is actually a sub-domain(host).Before I got ComputerandNet.com,I had used 'YourPCInfo.co.cc'.So,you may try it out and is definitely better than dot blogspot.com.

CO.CC:Free Domain

If you want to have any help in domain name selection,feel free to ask in the comments.

If you are a teenager,and don't have credit cards,I can show you how to earn 10 $ in a month for your domain name registration,and that would be my next post.You can also receive that post in your mail box by subscribing here.

So,do you use custom domain names?Did you have any good domain names which you regretted selling?Have you tried your hand in domain name selling?