Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Q & A] How to open multiple applications from a single shortcut?

Yes,it is possible to open two or more programs with the help of a single shortcut.

Sometimes, we operate one or more programs simultaneously which are needed opened to be opened at the same time. Opening mutiple programs manually each time will cause small amount of frustration,especially when these are often used. For this instead of using individual shortcuts on the desktop for each program,a single shortcut can be used to open these programs.

Steps to open two or more programs simultaneously by using  a single shortcut:

Step 1.You will need the target location of the programs,which could be like

C:\Program Files\Application 1\Application.exe

C:\Program Files\Program 2\Program.exe

Step 2. Create a "New text document" file anywhere in your system,and rename it into "LaunchApps.txt".

Step 3.In "LaunchApps.txt" save the following text.

@echo off 
cd C:\Program Files\Application 1
start Application.exe 
cd C:\Program Files\Program 2
start Program.exe

Replace the two targets[C:\Program Files\Application 1] with your own target locations.

Rename Application.exe and Program.exe to those program executable file names.

Step 4.An important point to note is that the "LaunchApps.txt" file has to be renamed into "LaunchApps.bat" file type.

This could also be done using "Save As" option.

File Name       : LaunchApps.bat

Save As Type : Unspecified file type (*.*)

and Save.

The file would now be seen as a "MS-DOS Batch File".

Step 5.Create a shortcut to the file - "LaunchApps.bat".

Launching this shortcut will launch the applications that are stored in "LauchApps.bat" file.

If you have any queries feel free to ask.

Wikipedia Site Down : Wikipedia has a problem

There was a few minutes of downtime for Wikipedia today around at 7:40 IST.

If you are experiencing this problem, kindly wait for a few minutes and try again.

Wikipedia has a problem error
During the short down time,all pages of wiki was not accessible showing the same error message.

The site is now back up and running.

Friday, May 20, 2011

[Cricket] Official IPL Team Websites

Official IPL Site -

The Teams :

Chennai Super Kings -

Mumbai Indians -

Royal Challengers Bangalore -

Kolkata Knight Riders -

Kings XI Punjab -

Delhi Daredevils -

Rajasthan Royals -

Deccan Chargers -

The two new teams that were added in IPL-4:

Pune Warriors India -

Kochi Tuskers Kerala -

Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Cricket] Watch IPL matches Live on Youtube for Free

For all cricket crazy fans of the world,you can now watch live streaming of IPL matches on Youtube for free.

IPL internet rights was bagged by Times Internet. Catch up the live streaming and highlights on

Past full IPL matches and highlights can also be seen.

[Exam Results] CBSE Class 10 and 12 Results on May 20,23 2011

The tentative date for Class X CBSE Results to be released is May 20,2011.

This year Class X results will be announced on a 9-point scale. One can know the approximate percentage got by multiplying the grade point by 9.5 .

Class XII results is expected to come on May 23,2011.

Here are some sites to check your results:

All the best!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[Movie Bluffs] Is Paranormal Activity based on true story?

In short,No.

Paranormal Activity is not based on a true story, although in the movie it is portrayed as a real incident. The movie is mainly portrayed as based on "real video recordings".

Movies like Paranormal Activity,which is portrayed as based on real video recordings is of a separate genre of movies called "Found Footage". Here, movies are produced with less amount of actors, and the videos are recorded by one of the actors itself. To provide an impression that videos are real recordings, shaky camera effects are used.

The movie "Paranormal Activity" was a phenomenal success, and one of the best profitable movies ever made based on return of investment. The movie was produced with a budget of 15,000 $ and the grossed revenue over 190,000,000 $.