Quick Links for Android Kotlin

This post has a collection of useful links related to development of Android applications using Kotlin.

Getting Started with Kotlin

  1. Getting Started with Android and Kotlin
  2. Kotlin Reference Manual
    1. PDF Version 

Useful How Tos

  1. Adding Internet Permission for your Android Application 
  2. Leveraging Power of Functions in Kotlin
  3. API Request in Android using Kotlin

 Useful Extensions (Kotlin + Java)

      •  Anko Commons: a lightweight library full of helpers for intents, dialogs, logging and so on;
      • Anko Layouts: a fast and type-safe way to write dynamic Android layouts;
      • Anko SQLite: a query DSL and parser collection for Android SQLite;
      • Anko Coroutines: utilities based on the kotlinx.coroutines library.
    • Parsing JSON
      •  Web Scraping
      • Picasso -  A powerful image downloading and caching library for Android
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