Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top EC drops for Jan '09

Here is the top EC droppers for the month of January :)

Theme lib dot com 31 27
master and student 21
ThemeLib contest 20
All blogspot templates 20
All contests 20
Celebrity Body Gossip 19
Things About Computer 19
All Blog Contest 18
Ignite The Mind 17

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Contact forms for blogger blogs

Even though blogger blogs are free,many people opt for wordpress because its more customizable and has more added functions in the form of plug ins.Recently,blogger introduced an option for displaying the embedded comment box below the posts i.e. the readers don't need to navigate to another page to post a comment.Wordpress also has options for having embedded contact forms,but there is no such direct options for blogger blogs.

Fortunately,there are a few free services which will let you have embedded contact forms for your blogger blogs.Here is a screen shot of the contact form I am using.

An excellent contact form that I am currently using and have not encountered any problems.Its very much easily customizable.You can have 3 forms for free in would strongly recommend you to use this contact form,and don't forget to change the notification settings so that you can receive an e mail when a form is filled and submitted.You can also make the form as a time sensitive one and entries will be accepted only at the given time.

This is also similar to wufoo,Email Me form also has captcha verification for auto detection and removal of spams.No need to link back,but link back to the site is appreciated.

Another tool for making personal contact forms.You can deactivate and activate the link any time you want.

I had earlier used zoho contact form creator,but,for some reason I didn't receive the entries posted to the contact form.So,its better to check the contact form with a random entry to know whether you are receiving email notifications or not.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bought a domain name

I am so excited! I have just changed to have just updated, and so there might be some error in some pages as it generally takes some time for DNS to update.

I had initially bought two domain and from namecheap.I was not able to decide between the two.....and finally,I stuck with like a sorta premium domain name.

I am intending on selling anyone is interested in buying it,make an offer via the 'Contact me' form.Any body knows where I can list it without any fee?

So,do you like the new domain name?Or do you think that the old one( was better?

Have you bought a domain name for your blog?Any tips for not to lose my PR 3?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Make your blog mobile friendly

More and more people are connecting to the internet from mobile phones and so is the need for your blog to be mobile friendly increases.

There are various kinds of services which can make your blog more mobile friendly.Even though mobile traffic may contribute only small amount of traffic,the number of mobile internet surfers is steadily increasing,and so is its necessity.Here I am going to list some free services.

1.Reason to create a blog mobile homepage:

The present kind of layout is not suitable for mobiles and will take a lot of time to load the large size images.The navigation across the pages is also difficult.

Opera browser has created 'Operamini',which is mainly a mobile browser software.To promote the product,Opera allows users to see how a web page will look in the mobile browser.Any web page can be seen the way it looks in a mobile,using Operamini. A screen shot of how this blog will look in a mobile is,

blog view in mobile

As you can see,even the mobile version has large images which will increase the webpage loading time and will also make the navigation very much difficult in a mobile.

2.Creating blog mobile homepage:

I have found two good services which allows you to convert your blog to mobile version for free.

One is the highly cutomizable and monetizable,you can create your own home page for your blog with your own logo and with various font sizes and colours,with links to different posts.But,one hurdle which I am yet to cross is that,it doesn't leave spacing between two paragraphs and the entire post looks clustered due to that.

The second free service automatically converts your blog to mobile version and can also be monetized.It doesn't support any images.But,the mobile version looks clean and tidy.This blog in feedm8 will look like,and its mobile URL is

At the end of every post there will be a 'Share button',and you can e mail,twitter,or SMS the blog post.

Mobile version of blog
Mobilize your blog under 10 seconds:

1.Go to

2.Enter your URL there and press Enter.

3.Your mobile URL appears and you are done!

5.Provide SMS updates:(Powered by Google SMS Groups)

Unfortunately,this free service is at present only available in India.Providing short,crisp updates of your blog posts as SMS for your readers can be very useful.You can create your own SMS group for free from here.These SMS updates wil surely increase your blog's popularity.I have just now,created a SMS group for this blog to provide updates on my blog posts.You are welcome to subscribe :)

Subscribe to my SMS Updates

Before you use the SMS channels,you must first register your mobile with them.They will send you an activation code which you have to supply to google for it to register your mobile.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Join "U Comment,I Comment Back" Movement

There is no such happiness equal to the joy one gets when his article is read by someone and is appreciated upon.


Images updated- 5/04/2009.Credits to Liane

There are various ways by which one can increase the traffic to one's site.There are many paid schemes,and a few good free ones too.The prominent free scheme is dropping ECs.Entrecard is definitely a dream site for any new site to get traffic.Then came the "U Drop,I Follow" moment according to which everyone drops their cards in all sites that have dropped and visited them. But alas,we humans soon forget the usefulness of entrecard and complain about entrecard at every chance we get.The most common complaint was/is entrecard has high bounce rate and people just visit the site and drop ECs and leave.

Many say that their sites receives high number of EC drops and only rarely someone comments.That would surely hurt anyone.So,for the benefit for all,I started this "U Comment,I Comment Back".That is, for every comment you post on some one's site,you would receive a comment on your site.

Here are a set of rules to prevent abuse of this:

  1. Comments like "Great post","Thanks for the tip","Thank you" etc doesn't count as comments.
  2. Comments should be meaningful and relevant.
  3. You should not post your site's link in the message
  4. Use Name/URL (preferable,not a must)
  5. No spam blogs are allowed.
  6. Excessive of "Paid to post" content sites are not allowed.
  7. Should be suitable for all audiences.
  8. Your site's content should be unique .i.e you should not have copied the content from another site(Plagiarism is not allowed).

If you guys feel any more rule to be added,you are very well welcome to say it in the comments,and I am looking forward to it.

By joining this moment you will also receive a back link from me(My blog is PR 3).I have also decided to give anchor text of your choice to increase your PR.To join in the list you have to add any one of the following badges to your blog,or you can even replace with your image.

Sites which have joined the "I Comment Back" movement are:(Updated-20/06/09)

  1. PC and Internet Tips
  2. Save our Planet
  3. Retro Yakking
  4. Ultimate Tech Source
  6. Better Blogging for Bloggers
  7. Traveling Suitcase
  8. Blogging Resources
  9. Your Site.Join Now!
Badge Code:

Some of the "I Comment Back" images:

Just replace the "" with any one of the following image links.

More "I Comment Back" images can be found here.


Although I have received a number of compliments for this,some are still reluctant to join.So,I have added the FAQ section to clear your doubts.


1.How to comment on content which are not known to me?

Everyone does not know everything!Most of the time,you will at least find an article where you can easily comment on.Just make a try,even that is a big thing for article posters.Trying to comment on content less known to you will improve your knowledge.Increasing your knowledge is not such a bad thing you know.

2.I assume, participating bloggers have to return all comments and not just comments to other members of "U Comment, I Comment"?

Yes,but still joining the movement would help you get more comments and also has some advantages like

1.An increase in the number of subscribers,as people would subscribe for e mail feed of yours, so that they don't need to check the blog again and again for new content for commenting.

2.You will receive more number of comments from diverse people,than a number of comments from a limited number of people(who have joined)

3.As already said,you get a link back in this post with anchor text of your choice.This will increase your search engine ranking and PR.

Want to ask a question?Ask in the comments,will be glad to answer it.

Site Submission Form:

Powered by Wufoo

Tip:I would suggest you to bookmark this page for future reference.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Software Review : Advanced System Care v 3.1.1

Application Name: Advanced System Care

Type:Free Software(Pro version also available)

Version: 3.1.1 (Latest,as on 11.1.2009)

Size: 7.68 MB


Definitely one of the best of freewares found and undoubtedly the best of all registry and privacy cleaners.Unlike other registry cleaners,it also posses extra features like software uninstaller and many other useful features.Windows by default,has provisions for creating restore points,disk defragemtation etc,but are
not as efficient as Advanced System Care.

Some of its main functions/features include

1.Spyware Removal

2.Registry Fix

3.Privacy Sweep (Deleting list of recent documents and temporary files in browsers)

4.Junk Files Clean

5.System Optimization(for improved System Performance)

6.Security Defense(prevents spyware installation)

7.Disk Defragmentation

8.Security Analyser

9.Shortcut Fixer

10.Firefox Optimizer

11.Driver Backup

12.System Backup

13.Auto Shutdown(Scheduled shutdown of computer)

14.Restore points(You can create system restore points)

15.Software Uninstaller

16.Startup Manager(here,you can disable some applications which autostart.Warning:Be careful of what you disable)


It has both free and pro versions available.The good news is that all the above said features are available in the free version itself.You can use the free version as long as you want.The advantage of pro version is that you can automate and schedule tasks,and has the some extra features for deep cleaning of registries.

Saved me once from hell!

Quick Tip:Click on the ' Care ! ' icon for it to do all tasks one after another.It won't ask whether you want to clean after detecting the errors.


I can't think of any! But,I would like the 'Startup Manager' to be listed with Restore,Options and Support for easier navigation and they are much needed as majority of softwares are programmed to start at startup.

Screen shots:

Author's Rating: 10/10

Download Link:You can download it here.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Software Review : Launchy v 2.1.2

Application Name:

Type:Free Software

Version: 2.1.2 (As on 1.1.2009)

Size: 3.87 MB


Launchy is a free,open source software,which aids users to open programs and applications quickly and easily and also,saves you in dangerous situations,like the one I had recently.

Extremely useful for people who have lots of softwares installed and their desktop is crowded with shortcut icons.

  1. Does not cloud or congest your desktop with short cut icons.
  2. Very small,yet very effective.
  3. Opens applications quickly.
  4. Can be called easily with "Alt+Spacebar" and can be dismissed by hitting "Alt+Spacebar" again.
  5. Can be used in both Windows XP and Linux
More tips can be found at the author's website,here.


  1. Can't think of any!

Screen shots:
Author's Rating: 10/10

Download Link:

You can download launchy from here.(For both Windows and Linux)